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Ohrid is located in the southwestern part of North Macedonia on the banks of Lake Ohrid, at an elevation of 695 meters above sea level. It is the largest city on Lake Ohrid and the eighth-largest city in the country. Ohrid once had 365 churches, one for each day of the year. The city is rich in picturesque houses and monuments, and tourism is predominant. Ohrid Lake is one of Europe’s deepest and oldest lakes with a unique aquatic ecosystem of worldwide importance, with more than 200 endemic species. UNESCO accepted Ohrid and Ohrid Lake as Cultural and Natural World Heritage Sites. Besides being a holy center of the region, it is also the source of knowledge and pan-Slavic literacy. The restored Monastery at Plaošnik was actually one of the oldest Universities in the western world, dating before the 10th century. Surrounded by the mountains Galicica on the east and Jablanica on the west Ohrid is paradise for mountain lovers who seek and want to enjoy in real nature with magnificent landscapes of Ohrid Lake.

Our two-day tour covers everything you need to be part of and experience every moment of Ohrid and his surroundings.


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    DAY #1

    Ohrid Galichica Tour , 50km, 1300 uphill, 1600 downhill, 7.5h

    After the breakfast we start with organized transport from the hotel in Ohrid to the village of Velestovo at an elevation of 1100 meters, which is our starting point. Through the partly forested rocky wide roads and magnificent landscapes literally on every meter toward Ohrid, we are entering the Galichica Asandjura valley with red ground/grass terrain at attitude of app. 1600 meters. On the way, we have Asandjura Hut and old ski resort of Otesevo combined with breathtaking landscapes of the valley that someone says it is like in western movies. Shortly we are reaching the viewpoint on the east from where we can see the sister of Ohrid, her majesty Prespa Lake from the attitude that everybody would to like to enjoy this moment for a while. While impressions are still fresh, after less than 30 minutes next viewpoint will just be the strawberry on the cream. Viewpoint on attitude of 1600 meters from where you can see impressive highest peak on Galicica Mountain (Magaro) at an elevation of 2254 meters and taking amazing photos from the mountain and glazing Lake Ohrid. The real adrenalin rush are starting from this point after entering long single tracks in the forest with occasional panoramic views on Ohrid Lake. Network of single tracks will guide you through old authentic village houses, passing domestic animals and feel the smell of the highly healthy organic region. This single-track network rollercoaster will end in Gorno Konjsko in village ambient equipped restaurant with amazing sun set view from where you can enjoy the real domestic Macedonian food. While day is ending and Lake Ohrid is calming down we are descending from Gorno Konsjko to Ohrid city while sun is slowly getting behind the mountain.


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    DAY #2

    Ohrid Jablanica Tour, 25 km, 1300 uphill, 1300 downhill, 5h

    Organized transport from hotel in Ohrid, passing Struga city (second city on Ohrid Lake ) we are going to village Labunishta as our starting point at elevation of app.850 meters. Starting the narrow and steep asphalt/ground road, we are entering fantastic old pine forest that will full your lungs with sharp fresh air. While enjoying the view and the smell of the old forest we are passing stone/wooden little weekend houses and approaching the big grass field surrounded by giants’ peaks in front of you that will make you feel “small” compared to the nature. From this point, complete isolated tour became reality. Ground/rocky/grass tracks on attitude up to 2000 meters will guide you to the most magnificent landscapes that literally will give you opportunity to fill every hill on different way. Little uphill’s and downhills all the way will show you small lakes that nature was able to create in the cradles of this mountain making this journey nothing but epic. When you thought you have seen enough just before descent starts in front of you like fields of gold mountain will offer the most spectacular view on Ohrid Lake. At this point you just don’t want this journey to end. Anyway, our descent continue with unforgettable open single tracks while entering again the old pine forest. While using the old rocky World War I road at that time we are entering our final point of the trip, the village Vevchani where you will be the witness of Macedonian gastronomy.


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