Mavrovo two day tour


Mavrovo National Park is the largest national park of the Republic of North Macedonia. It is located in the west of the country in the Bistra Mountain. Mavrovo National Park as part of Bistra mountain has several summits higher than 2,000 metres, with the highest being Medenica at 2,163 metres above sea level. Exploring Bistra will make you enjoy this excellent mountain landscapes full of reach pastures, diversity of forest, numerous sheepfolds and large herds of sheep throughout your journey. Mavrovo Nation Park has reach flora and fauna with variety of plants and animal life. Authentic old mountain village houses and many churches/monasteries are part of this park.

On this two-day journey, you will be part of real adventure and excitement that will last longer that you can imagine.

Our tour are starting from Mavrovo Ski Resort at elevation of 1200 meters. The short pine forest asphalt road will go through village of Nikiforo and Leunovo just enough to warm up your body and to enjoy in beautiful views of Mavrovo Lake and take some photos of sunken old Mavrovo church. Just above village Leunovo we are entering rocky/ground forest wide trail with amazing streams, pinе and oak forest covered with plenty of ferns, mushrooms and other berries all the way the path. Our forest will be friend in next hour so we can hear only the sounds of the trees and streams around us. After breaking through the forest at attitude of app. 1500 meters a wide-open area of countless fields of pastures, amazing landscapes, sheepfolds and large herds of sheep all the way to the village of Lazaropole will be our scenery. Fresh drinking water from the streams and unpolluted air combined with the smell of the herbs will get into every cell in your body. Lazaropole is our first day stop where we will enjoy in short walking tours through the village stone/wooden houses and churches and will taste rare Macedonian prepared dishes and drinks. This peaceful place will clear your mind and allow diving deep into your sleep. In the morning, full of energy you can feel the calmness of the place and the spirituality of the mountains that surround you while you are enjoying every bite of your traditional breakfast. After short climb in the forest, we are facing steep adrenalin full forest single track toward village of Tresonce. With occasional entering in the forest and panoramic landscapes of Mavrovo National Park after long climb, we are passing the old football field just before entering the cultural village of Mavrovo – Galichnik at attitude of 1.350 meters. Galichnik with his specific location on steep mountain terrains and old houses and churches will blow your expectations with scenic views toward Debar Lake. From Galichnik on unpaved road you will enjoy open valley of Mavrovo National Park where we can see many horses on some field all the way to sheepfold Cahvkarnik. At sheepfold Cahvkarnik on attitude of 1.500 meters, we can taste fresh sheep cheese from the beauty of this nature. Just few meters from here 6 km epic downhill single-track journey will start. While passing first part of the single track on open area, Mavrovo Lake in front of you offers spectacular and unforgettable view just before single track enter in old oak forest all the way to Mavrovo village where our journey ends.

Day 1 – Mavrovo – Chavkarnik – Lazaropole, 56km, 1250 uphill, 1150 downhill, 5,5h.

Day 2 – Lazaropole – Galichnik – Mavrovo, 45km, 1200 uphill, 1300 downhill. 5.5 h


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