Why should you put Macedonia on your bucket list?

Where Balkan food, hospitality, and Roman architecture collide, that’s where you’ll find the rare gem – North Macedonia.

Lively culture, delicious food, the warmest local people, and unique flora and fauna are what make Macedonia so unique and a place you will easily fall in love with.

Check out our top reasons why should you put Macedonia on your bucket list:

Gastronomic activation of all of your senses

When you think of wine, you’ll probably think of Italy, but you should know that Macedonia is well known in the region for producing great wines. Since Roman times and in the former Yugoslavia, wine has played a big role in the culture. The high soil and water quality, the warm weather, and the hardworking locals are what make the Macedonian wine so unique and requested all over the region.

But it’s not only the wine that makes Macedonia a place that provides a whole gastronomic experience. The food is another good reason to visit this country. At almost every restaurant an authentic Macedonian cuisine is served, including Tavce Gravce, Patrmajlija, Sarma, and Kacamak. Of course, you can always request an appetizer including Ajvar, Ovco Sirenje, Kravji Kaskaval, and Kajmak. This region will definitely leave you with a full stomach and a desire to come back.

The capital of Macedonia – Skopje

Skopje has plenty of charm. This vibrant city is full of restaurants, bars and overall has a nice vibe. Skopje is a city of many cultures. Rich layers of history are reflected in the city’s blend of Orthodox churches, Muslim mosques, and Yugoslavian modernist buildings – revealing both Skopje’s cosmopolitan past and its forward-looking future.

If you visit the wonderful old Turkish bazaar called Carsija, you can feel the Ottoman influence. Hand-loomed carpets, traditional restaurants, antique silver, and spices can be found at this place. All followed by the most welcoming locals and traditional music.

Also, don’t miss visiting the heart of Skopje – Debar Maalo. Excellent eating and drinking scene.

While in Skopje, don’t miss visiting the fortress and all of the majestic statues, squares, and museums.

The UNESCO-listed Lake Ohrid

The magnificent Lake Ohrid is the oldest and deepest lake in the Balkans. With an age of almost five million years, it is considered to be one of the most biodiverse lakes of its size in the world. In 1979 UNESCO honored both its natural and historical importance and designated Ohrid a World Heritage Site along with the small and charming town of the same name.

Ohrid is small enough to hop from historic monuments to the beach in no time. There are plenty of small beaches, beach bars, and restaurants near the lake.

Ohrid is an important religious site and has been for hundreds of years. It is known for having 365 churches, one for every day of the year.

And of course, not to forget to mention the real gem of Ohrid – one-of-a-kind Ohrid pearls which are made from the scales of a small fish said to exist only in Lake Ohrid. The method for making these unique pears is reportedly a closely guarded secret.

Ohrid’s busiest time is from mid-July to mid-August during the popular summer festivals.


The price levels in Macedonia are way cheaper than the European average. But not only that is affordable, but you can also get great value for the money you’ll spend.

Even though Macedonia is a very affordable country, it is not very crowded with tourists so you can explore it in peace

Being one of the least explored countries in Europe is why you should visit this very interesting, charming, welcoming and, of course, affordable country.