Mountain Bike Tour: Have an Adventure Holiday

Why should you take an adventure holiday instead of doing the same old things?

We as humans tend to keep on doing all the same things we do when we are at home while we are on a holiday. We catch some sun, have a few drinks, chill in a comfy chair and eat some delicious meal, of course. Holidays are meant to change something in us, whether it is to make us feel better and rested, change our perspective on certain things or even change our life. The whole idea behind an adventure holiday is to try all these kinds of experiences that you can’t fit in your everyday life but you’ve always wanted to do.

So, here are some reasons why you should take an adventure holiday:


Adventure holidays have the power to make you feel bolder, stronger, and more confident purely because you’ll be definitely taking a step out of your comfort zone. And we all know that is the whole point behind this type of holiday, to challenge yourself and see how far you can really go.

Memories last forever

Adventure holidays help you see countries from a totally different perspective and make you experience them in a unique way. Also, the whole adventuring thing in different parts of the world has the unique power of creating lasting and practically vivid memories. But, make sure to take your camera with you, because all the things you’ll see on your adventure holiday, are most likely to be once in a lifetime.

Trying new things

A comfort zone is a dangerous place. It makes us feel warm and accepted – that is why it is called a comfort zone, we are comfortable. You get a feeling that is similar to your grandma’s house. But we all know that good things happen when you are out of it. So, never-never-never settle for the same old. There are a lot of things out there for you to try. This sacred piece of land that we call our planet, has so much to offer. Meeting different people and animals, exploring breathtaking landscapes, and getting to know different cultures, will make you want to explore it even more.

Why should you take a mountain bike tour while on your adventure holiday?

Spending time outdoors is closely linked with the improvement of your health

Biking through stunning sceneries, breathtaking landscapes, tasting and feeling the nature that surrounds you, will definitely wash all your worries away. Spending time in a natural environment can improve your physical, mental, and emotional health. By taking a break from the urban settings and spending some time outdoors in the wilderness can increase your life satisfaction, mindfulness, and of course, happiness.

Mountain biking is a phenomenal stress relief

As we mentioned, biking through incredible scenery makes you feel good. But the views are not the only reason why you are feeling this way. When you are mountain biking the pressure in you deflates hence relieving you of stress and improves your overall state of emotion.

Makes you more confident

Having control over the mountain bike, conquering mountains and valleys can improve your self-trust because you have to trust yourself to be safe and get through the unknown and unexpected. So, feel the fear and do the things that scare you. The more you face things that are out of your comfort zone and scare you, the more confidence you will cultivate for yourself.

Now that you know why you should take an adventure holiday and take a mountain bike while on it, you can sign up for our Ohrid Two Day Tour which will boost your confidence, relieve you from stress, and make you feel good about yourself after going back home.